【ICA聖誕音樂會】ICA Christmas Busking招募表演單位

Christmas is coming, let’s connect with friends through music in the cold winter. Whether you are a solo singer or a band/group, we invite you to bring your instruments and music to the ICA Christmas Busking event!
日期Date:17 / 12 / 2023 (Sun 星期日)
地點Venue:依士靈頓華人協會一樓大廳 ICA Upper Hall (21 Hatchard Road, N19 4NG)
費用Fee:免費 Free of charge
名額Quota:10-12 個單位 units
歌曲語言 Language:不限 no limitation
詳情 Details:
15-20 min performing time for every unit. Please prepare a Christmas related song.
自㩗樂器或伴奏音樂 Bring your own instruments or music
Venue provided: Microphone, music stand, amplifier, paino and simple stage.
*ICA 保留最終決定權 ICA reserves the right to make the final decision.
May be a graphic of text that says "ထမထ www.islingtonchinese.com no.20231205 Eventno 表演單位招募中 Performers Reruiting ICA Christmas Busking 時間 Time 11:30am 2:30pm 名額 Quota 10 units 聖誕音樂會 日期 Date 17 12/ 2023 (日 Sun) 地點 Venue ICA一樓大廳 Upper Hall 費用 Fee: :免費Free 場地提供:咪高風 譜架 擴音器、 鋼琴 、簡單舞台 Venue provided: Microphone, 詳情Details 毎單位有15-20分鐘表演時間 music stand, amplifier, piano, simple stage 當中包括一首聖誕相關歌曲 -首聖誕相關歌曲 15-20min performing for every unit, please include Chrisaslaedsong Christmas related 自攜樂器或音樂伴奏 gyour own instruments or music RESESSE ICA歡迎香港人項目 WELCOME! HONGKONGERS Levelling Housing Communities"