你知道自己屬哪一型的體質嗎?氣虛、陰虛、濕熱、過敏,還是其他?先了解自己的體質再保養,才是讓身體遠離疾病、恢復健康的重要關鍵。歡迎參加3月28日 (二)下午1:30-2:45的「中醫九型體質與調理」免費講座。講座以廣東話為主,參加者亦可以國語或英文發問。報名可親臨協會 或WhatsApp (07724 828778) 或 填寫 Google Form https://qr.net/or3jGa 。電郵查詢:info@islingtonchinese.com


Do you know what type of physique you are? Is it qi deficiency, yin deficiency, damp heat, allergies, or others? Understanding your own physique first and then maintaining it is the key to keeping your body away from diseases and restoring your health. You are cordially invited to join our ICA Free Health Talk “TCM Nine Types of Constitution and Health Care” on 28 March (Tue) at 1:30-2:45pm. The talk will mainly be in Cantonese but questions in Mandarin or English are welcome. Registration: WhatsAp…